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Family Walter – Family Photography in Hanover, Ontario

July 17, 2017

I was so happy this family took me up on my session offer. I was mentoring with Mandy Blake Photography .  She taught me a few things about finding the light. About interacting with families to have them feel at ease in front of the camera. Then, after goodbyes were said to end the session, we jetted back to my studio to work on some fine tuning of my editing skills.  I was actually very pleased with how this session turned out. In the photography world, the process never ends. We’re constantly learning and adapting. Learning different roles as not just photographer, but editor, graphic artist, bookkeeper, marketing and sales rep, website design and blogger that are crucial in this business. Of course, that also comes along with the constant upgrades and maintenance on our equipment. Mandy was wonderful in giving me some pointers and steering me in the right direction. Adding more knowledge to help my creativity grow. Thank you so much Mandy for your time, tips, and insight!

This family was so sweet and obliging, during the course of our conversations, we had some clothing ideas. They altered and sewed some items to fit! Amazing!! I adore how it all came together.

The planning before hand becomes irrelevant when you see the beautiful outcome. These images are timeless!!

This particular evening created a memory in this family’s mind that has now been “frozen”. You can almost feel the love this family has for one another as it radiates from these photographs.

This is why I do what I do.


This family was so easy going! The kids were a little shy but there were some smiling and giggling. I loved their little smiles and those “in the moment”, real life interactions I was able to capture. There was so much sweetness on this night! Thank you, Walter family, for being so patient and supportive. BIG THANKS guys!!