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Girl on Fire

October 13, 2017

This girl with her fiery red hair got in front of the camera for me for a boudoir session. She is a photographer herself and was eager to model for me.

You can check out her work out at Newton Photography

I do feel it’s important to know how it feels to be the one being photographed and not just always being the one photographing. Gaining a different perspective helps us as a photographers gain better knowledge on ways of making people feel comfortable and at ease.

We had to get a few photos with one of the barn cats. Anyone that knows this red head, associates her with these feline friends. She has cats indoor and barn cats outdoor that she dotes on. Mittens was no different and became her instant companion! He would follow us wherever we went for our shoot together. I joked the next day that Mittens would eventually travel to her and she would open her door one day just to find him curled up on her doorstep.

This was very much an impromptu shoot. Not a lot of people know that I do boudoir as well. I wanted add more boudoir photography to my portfolio. I had in mind to try some indoor, with a play on light and shadow, as well as some outdoor to showcase my work. I believe I was able to accomplish this thanks to this girl on fire. Her gorgeous red hair was just perfect for this session!

My next endeavour will be couples, so if you had in mind to do some intimate photos with your partner please get in touch with me right away. I’ll be looking for an indoor setting in the comfort of your home focusing on being natural and in love in front of the camera. If this is something you’d be interested in, please don’t hesitate to book a session!