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My First Boudoir Session

August 5, 2016

Boudoir Photography. I had honestly never ever tried it. What is boudoir? From what I had heard, it started as photographs a bride would take to present to her new husband. From there it has progressed to couples wanting some images to express their love for each other, to women empowering themselves in demonstrating how beautiful they are. We are all unique and wonderful and this becomes a format for a new perspective into a more intimate world.  As a photographer, I need to connect with who I’m photographing. That is how I am able to not just take a snapshot, but create an image full of life: Of strength, vulnerability, beauty, and emotion.

Knowing I did not have the experience, but intrigued enough to challenge myself to try something new, I put the call out and asked around. My model you see here was gracious enough to humour me. I’m hoping she had some faith in my abilities as I did not. In a normal session I go in with so many ideas and last minute changes of how I want the session to go and the final images to look like. This day was no different, as I was determined that the images were going to be captured the way I had envisioned.

We had such a great time! With very little instruction from me, my model (that had never modelled before) was an absolute natural. She was fearless! Here are some of my favourites from the session:


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Boudoir Hanover Ontario

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